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hey loves, since i thought i would share my sets i work so hard on i decided to post a thing so you can find polyvore (: its like a really cool site that you can make collages on, join groups, talk to friends, and have fun at the same time. check it out! and my link is connected to the picture thing.

Friday, July 3, 2009

a new book to read;;

Hey y'all! Emmawee here(:
I just got done reading a really good book so I thought I would share my thoughts about the book and maybe you would like to read it sometime in the future. The book is called Violet On The Runway By Melissa Walker. Its about this girl who thinks shes too tall and too dorky, until a modeling agent offers her a modeling contract in New York. Through out the book Violet will discover the good and bad things about the modeling world. Its a pretty good book and I am anxious to read the second in the sequel. If you like modeling and fashion this is the book for you. Plus its only a short 220 pages! So just give it a shot and tell me whatcha think.
Bye loves, emily

welcome to ma bloggie

Hey hey heyyy,
My name is Emily aka emmawee. I love life and I living it at its fullest, or at least trying to. I live in a small town out in the country but I am not really countryish. I love chillin' out with my friends, texting and shopping. Mostly teenager type things. I am a proud member on Polyvore. You check my setties out(: Anyways this is my first blog. Ive had a couple small websites but not something likethis, so just give me time. Yep thats it for now. Toodles, Emily